TexAir Virtual Airlines is focused on simulating an imagined world-class, legacy-style air carrier rooted deeply in its Texas heritage. We are a friendly, family-like gathering of virtual aviators intent on keeping things relaxed, but also realistic. We are pilot-centric in that we prefer not to simulate the 'corporate' side of an airline, focusing only on the daily operation itself. Lastly, our growth is entirely dependent on pilot interest and contributions. We do not grow unless our community of pilots wants us to grow, by growing itself and showing genuine interest.


May 14, 2017

May 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

New Pilots
Pilot Name Country Joined
TXA4266 George Vic Greece May 20, 2017
TXA4255 Matthew Swiatek United States May 16, 2017
TXA4254 MARTIN KEEN United Kingdom May 16, 2017
TXA4246 Scott Bennett United States May 13, 2017
TXA4238 Ryan Herga United States May 11, 2017
Recent Flights
Flight Route Date
TXA106 KPHX - KAUS May 22, 2017
JJA001 KPSP - KPHX May 21, 2017
TXA3517 KLAS - KPSP May 16, 2017
TXA3269 KAUS - KABI May 15, 2017
TXA3123 KAUS - MMMZ May 14, 2017