Howdy, and welcome to TexAir Virtual Airlines. You have not landed on this page by accident. In order to address some internal issues that have been failing points for us for some time now, we have made the hard decision to temporarily cease operations while we undergo a major restructure and reorganization. We are going to start over from scratch with a 'soft reboot' and re-brand ourselves some to give all of our friends and fans a breath of fresh air. Fear not, for this re-branding will not be a major change to our product; in fact it will be a way of bringing TexAir back around to the original vision it once was but with a modern approach. Upon our return, we plan to have an extremely fluid and modern website that will offer top-notch functionality, features, and automation. It will truly be a GREAT pilot experience that all of us are looking forward to. In order to ensure these high demands are met or exceeded, I am personally returning to the helm of the company with a team of current and former staff members behind me. We hope to have TexAir return to operations by the end of spring, but quality does not need to be dictated by a timeline, therefore we are not committing to any.

Just to prove we're not fully shut down (and to keep our name alive during the rebuild process), you will find three buttons below this letter. The first is a link to our full non-charter timetable. The second is a link to an interim PIREP form for our pilots (and anyone interested in becoming one after the rebuild) to continue flying and let people know we're still here. [Remember, our callsign is our name, and our ICAO-style identifier is 'TXA'.] Lastly, the third button links to our Pilot Survey form. We STRONGLY encourage ALL of our website visitors to take this survey. It is meant to help us with our rebuild and to deliver the ULTIMATE virtual airline experience.

On behalf of everyone working tirelessly behind the scenes over the coming weeks and months, I want to thank everyone for their continued support. We hope that you will find that these changes will bring greatness to our organization once again. As always, if there are any questions or comments, please include them in the survey, or you can email me directly (my name is linked to my address below).

Darryl Roach
Founder & Returning CEO