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TexAir Virtual Airlines is focused on simulating an imagined world-class, legacy-style air carrier rooted deeply in its Texas heritage. We are a friendly, family-like gathering of virtual aviators intent on keeping things relaxed, but also realistic. We are pilot-centric in that we prefer not to simulate the ‘corporate’ side of an airline, focusing only on the daily operation itself. Lastly, our growth is entirely dependent on pilot interest and contributions. We do not grow unless our community of pilots wants us to grow, by growing itself and showing genuine interest.

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TexAir was originally founded in November 2006 by ¬†Darryl Roach and is now owned by Jordan Masterson as of 2017 In its original form, it grew very rapidly and saw much success. The fleet quickly inflated from only three models to the size it is presently, including remaining true to its original “Boeing-only” mainline design. Due to the growth it experienced, in switched in 2008 from its original design to the current “hub-and-spoke” system that is presently used. Financial and technical issues have forced us on temporary hiatus twice before, but our original members continued to carry on our legacy. We reopened once again in the form we are in today, and see nothing but a promising future. We are here because we WANT to be, and we grow when we come together as a community and say it is time. In 2017 TexAir Virtual aqcuired virtual-enter.eu .The most important aim of Virtual Enter is providing the most realistic virtual air service in Central and Eastern european region